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Illawarra Plastering Services is the Premier  locally owned and operated professional plastering service for the Region, servicing Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama Council areas.

The walls and ceilings of your home or business reflect much about your life. Walls that are straight and even quickly create the impression of a poorly kept house and no matter how fresh the coat of paint is, it will never cover up plaster that is in poor shape.

It is challenging to get a totally flat surface on plasterboard walls. It may look flat to the naked eye but the places where the plasterboard sheets meet stand out slightly higher due to the necessary application of plastering tape and plaster to cover the joins. This installation needs to be done by professionals specially if you intend to use surface lighting. It is not uncommon for  Wall Wash lights and similar types of lighting will make a standard finish wall look like a poorly finished surface if not done properly. The levels of finishes are as follows and should be discussed with your plaster before a quotation is given. Remember - the higher the finished, the more expensive the job will be.

Level of plasterboard finishes as outlined in AS/NZS 2589:

  1. Level 5 - highest level for super gloss painted surfaces and surface that will have wall wash lighting.
  2. Level 5 - for super gloss painted surfaces and wall wash lighting and similar
  3. Level 4 - for standard domestic applications and if no level of finish is stated.

The following web page will supply you with more details: plasterboard finishes

Illawarra Plastering Services is proud to help its local community.


With a proud history stretching back to 1994, The Albion Park Cows Football Club is a competitor in the Football South Coast Community League
The Albion Park-Oak Flats Eagles are an Australian rugby league football team based in Albion Park, a country town of the Illawarra region